Why Use Us



Here are top ten reasons why you should use Steve Gripp Inc. for your next move.


1. We are Simply the Best. With over 15,000 moves completed we have the experience to make your move a successful one.

2. We offer the lowest prices in the Quad Cities.

3. Our Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Our workers are trained individuals who have worked in the industry and know the intricacies of moving and storage.

4. We are licensed, bonded, and insured so if any of your property is damaged you know you will be reimbursed.

5. We offer free estimates with no pressure to sell. We will give you a free estimate of the time and cost of your move and we let you decide.

6. We offer guaranteed move dates. Once you schedule your move you know for 100 percent sure we will move you on that day.

7. We offer guaranteed prices on long distance moves. All long distance moves require an estimate. The company official will offer a firm price. When you agree to this price it is guaranteed not to be more, even if the job takes longer than expected.

8. We offer free used moving boxes for local moves. Many companies overcharge for moving boxes. If you agree to a local move with us, we give you used moving boxes for free.

9. We have no hidden costs. Local moves are charged by the hour. The rate is agreed upon when the move is set up. There are no appliance fees, gas fees, or long carry fees. When you move with us you know the costs up front.

10. We have new equipment that is made especially for moving. We have appliance dollies, box dollies, hump straps, furniture pads, rubber bands, piano boards, walk boards, and lift gates. This equipment allows us to properly move any piece of furniture.



Kevin and Dave moving an armoire