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Hiring a Professional Mover vs. Do it Yourself

If you're considering a move, there are a few variables that you should consider when you're calculating the actual cost comparison of moving yourself versus allowing a mover to help you.

Do-It-Yourself Moves include:

Rental Charges: When you're moving from state-to-state, you have to provide exact details to the truck rental agency such as origin, destination, exact dates, etc. Prices can vary depending upon the equipment available. Rental truck rates can vary depending upon the time of year that you're moving (rates are higher between May and September). Rental agencies also run on a supply and demand theory; if you're moving at the beginning or end of the month, you may find that the supply of trucks available to you is sparse. In most cases, you will be charged a rental deposit. There are also charges for additional miles (10% or more) over and above the original estimate. These charges don't include state taxes. All other charges are additional.

The Time and Space Continuum: Your time is very important. You'll need one or two days to pack and one or two days to unpack in addition to your drive time. Professional moving services are adept at maximizing the available space in a moving vehicle. When you move yourself, you have to make sure that you optimize the space or you'll end up needing a larger truck.  You are also responsible for packing, unpacking, driving the rental vehicle. You will be working to move yourself. Figure the number of hours you are planning on using to move and multiply it by your hourly wage. Make sure to figure in packing time, move preparation, picking up the rental vehicle, load time, drive time, unload time, boxes, and miscellaneous expenses.

Pads and Dollies: In order to protect your belongings, you will need to rent padding at about $10.00 per dozen. A four bedroom home would be about 2 dozen pads, which equates to $20.00. An appliance dolly, utility dolly, or furniture dolly is most often needed for large boxes, appliances, and heavy furniture. Each dolly must be rented for an extra $5.00 -$10.00.

Mileage and Gasoline Charges: Mileage charges are most often included in your rental agreement. Depending on your agreement, you may get stuck with additional mileage charges. Additional mileage charges are typically $.40 per mile for each additional mile driven. When you pick up your rental truck it will be full of gas. When you drop it off you must refill the tank to full or you will be penalized with a service charge. An average 26-foot, 5-speed, fully loaded diesel truck will average 10 miles to the gallon with an average price for diesel at 2.50 per gallon [Source: AMC’s fuel survey].

Professional Movers Include: With a professional mover there are none of these hidden costs. We provide the equipment, the pads, the workers, and the gas. The biggest bonus is that we do all of the work. We are licensed and insured and we do this professionally every day. Our company offers free used boxes for local moves (when available) and new boxes for sale at a cost of almost half of what U-Haul charges. There is a misconception that moving yourself is always cheaper than using a professional moving company. The truth is that self-moving and professional moving many times are similar in price.

Why choose a professional mover? You decide!




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