The Gripp Family has been moving furniture in the Quad Cities for the last 100 years. The family moving tradition begins with Frank Gripp who moved furniture for a living in Davenport when they were still moving furniture with horses and wagons. Frank had a son named Lee. Lee got into the moving and storage industry and decided to open up his own moving and storage company in Davenport. The name of that company was Lee Gripp Transfer and the year was 1954. There has been a Gripp Moving and Storage company in Davenport ever since. Lee Gripp had three boys (Jeff, Steve, and Mike) who all worked in the company trade. Steve Gripp remembers making his first move with his father at the age of 7. It was a piano move on a December morning. In 1981 Steve Gripp decided to open his own moving and storage company, and Steve Gripp Inc. was born. We have been moving furniture ever since. In the early 90ís Lee Gripp Transfer was sold leaving Steve Gripp Inc. the lone Gripp moving company. The moving history of the Gripp Family is a rich and a proud one. Our family name is synonymous with moving in the QC area. We put our name and reputation on the line with every move we make. You arenít just buying a local move you are buying into a family tradition.



Owner Steve Gripp with employees Josh and Lance